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Several years ago, I endured some pretty difficult circumstances that would change my life, and those closest to me, forever. During that period of time, I searched for something that my daughters and I could wear or hold on to; I wanted something that would act as a constant reminder of our love, strength, and bond we shared. I never really found anything, so we made our own matching beaded bracelets that spelled out the words “I love you”. We wore those bracelets for almost a year until they finally fell off. It was a very dark period in my life, but as a result, the idea of Gemma Raffo began, and after eight long years, our company and the pieces have finally come to light. With the help and support of my husband Anthony, we have created meaningful pieces to keep loved ones connected no matter what the circumstance may be.

A few years ago, after returning from Italy to celebrate my grandma Gemma Raffo's 100th birthday, the name of our company was decided. I can’t imagine a better way to communicate a message of strength, love and connection than with the name of my nonna, Gemma Raffo, who just turned 103 this year.

Our mission with Gemma Raffo is to continue creating pieces that will keep loved ones connected. The pieces have been created to remind all of us that no matter where you are, I am here with you, and this too shall pass