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Looking Back...

It’s been an interesting couple of days, and just feeling grateful we have received the support from so many, I can’t thank you all enough.

I sit and stare at the campaign (seems like all day), and just look at the coin. It’s really something to see an idea, actually more than an idea but a mission that came to me many years ago finally come to life, it’s pretty surreal. Years ago, I remember desperately searching for something that would keep my girls and I connected when we were apart. I wanted it to be something tangible, something I could kiss when we said goodbye, something the girls could hold onto when they were sad or scared, and know that I am right there with them. I wanted it to represent my unwavering love, our strength, hope, and the bond that could never be broken between us . I really never could find anything that spoke to me. I did buy St. Christopher medal necklaces for all three of us, sold in little surf shops around here, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but still, it was a connection.

I decided we would make our own bracelets made of string and plastic beads that could spell out “I love you” along with our names (check out the photos below).  We wore those bracelets for almost a year until eventually, little by little, the string broke and fell off. I still have all of our bracelets and medals, and they are a constant reminder to me of just how far we have come.

The bracelets, the St. Christopher medal necklaces, and now, the Passing Coin, reminds me that life isn’t perfect, and challenges will arise, big and small. It reminds me that through those difficult times, I needed something constant to hold onto and to communicate a message of love and strength to my girls. It assured me that all will be well, and is why it is so important that I continue to carry on, stay the course, work hard, and continue to believe in this mission of mine.

Thanks again!