Gemma Raffo

Sometimes the best ideas are born out of adversity.

The Inspiration

Lisa gives a brief explanation of the inspiration for the brand and The Passing Coin.

The Passing Coin

A closer look at our intro product

The Passing Coin
  • The logo

    The rooted Olive branch with three stars was an obvious choice for one side of the coin.  It represents the bond between loved ones etc

  • The clock

    Time heals everything and what better way to represent time.

  • This too shall pass

    In times of hardship we can find ourselves overwhelmed and unable to cope.  The coin is a reminder that this too shall pass.

  • The sun and the moon

    Another way to express the passing of time and a reminder to embrace each day.

Gemma Raffo

About the logo
The Olive Branch

When I was young my nonna Gemma would throw an Olive branch out into the storm and say a small prayer, which would protect us and keep us safe through the storm.

Mia Stella

My girls and I were always greeted by nonna with kisses on each cheek saying "mia stella, mia stella" which is represens the three stars.

Family Roots

The roots of the Olive tree remind us of the always growing roots of love and family from the past and present.


Besides the lovely pictures the inscription of "this
too shall pass" is particularly meaningful for me right now.  I have a
very negative and disruptive coworker and your coin reminds me not to
let them get under my skin.  This annoyance is only temporary and not
what really matters. 

Rarely does a day go by that I don’t recognize someone else struggling.  The reality is that life is tough and oftentimes we are forced to muddle through without meaningful support or drawing unnecessary or unwanted attention to ourselves.  I purchased The Passing Coin as my way of letting someone else know that they have worth, they’re difficulties are recognized without offering meaningless platitudes, and that it will get better.  And if it so happens that it doesn’t get better for them, someone still cares about them and is offering up a bit of love to help them through.

I handed him the coin and gave him a huge hug letting him know that I, and everyone at the house was there for him and that we could be his strength in this time of need...I'm so happy that this coin showed up when it did, it helped bring my best friend back to me and helped him realize that he had love and friendship that would always be his strength and guidance when needed.  The coin will forever be his reminder.